Tag: Home Disasters

Hell! Hail!

Shit. I’m sitting on the bed looking at a big hail storm pummel my garden. And my car. And my house. DAMN IT! I have no idea what things are going to look like when […]

How to Kill Fire Ants

Ed alerted me to a potential urban myth about the USDA and imported fire ants. He heard that the USDA recommended not treating fire ants because they would evolve resistance to pesticides. I can understand […]

This is why cats can’t be carpenters

Because they pay no attention at all to the “don’t stand above this step” info on ladders.


I always get books from the library, mainly because I really don’t like spending money when I don’t have to. (Some call this being a “cheap bastard”. Personally, I consider it “wise frugality.” ) Sometimes […]

Spring; New blogs on my radar screen; and money

It’s spring! Ok, not officially, but the animals know. We have red wing blackbirds here setting up their territories, and robins have arrived and are singing. I saw a crane flying over last evening, and […]

Mice (Ex-Mice)

We have been suffering the last week through a very nasty stench–a dead mouse got into one of the furnace vents, and everytime the heat came on, it was eau de dead vermin all through […]

Lightning bugs and Raccoon Wars

Yay! It’s officially summer–the first lightning bugs of the year showed up yesterday. Unfortunately, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence they are decreasing these days. Fortunately, it is anecdotal, so it might just be […]

Pardon me, Boy…

Is that your Vietnamese pot belly pig? Ok, maybe it’s a stretch for the Chatanooga ChooChoo reference. But I was sort of humming it all day today, so thought I would work it into this […]