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Think before you stink

It’s finally turning into winter here on the east coast, and I thought I’d share this excellent video on how to get rid of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.  They’ve caused quite a …..er….stink…..here, and this […]

Do scientists work too hard?

A recent article in Academe Online had some startling numbers that I had long suspected, but wasn’t able to back up with data until now. Over half of scientists surveyed–regardless of gender–reported they work 50 […]

Goodbye my Lovely (garden)

I’m going to be super busy this week with a huge project at work–and then I have to move. We finally did get an offer on our house, but it’s contingent on our being out […]

Michigan home prices: still in the dumper

I’m still trying to sell my house so I can skip my 150 mile commute to the new job–and not having much luck, despite dropping the price on the house over 20K since January 1. […]

Snow, coming home, and back to work

Well, I’m back from the Entomology conference, and I’m now snug in my house, looking at the snow fall. (I also know for sure that I’m back in rural Michigan, because I can see my […]

Ask an Entomologist: Cluster Flies

In late fall (usually September and October) I always hear from friends that suddenly have tons of flies buzzing sluggishly around their house. They didn’t smell anything obviously dead, and are frustrated by the constant […]