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Insect Nation

A little musical interlude for your evening: Bill Bailey on the destruction of the planet.

Entomological Limerick Contest!

The Entomological Society of America has announced a Limerick Contest for the Annual Meeting! Prizes will be awarded for the top three most creative limericks, as judged by an anonymous panel of entomological punsters. The […]

National Pollinator Week: TGIF

And, for a little Friday amusement, a poem that was recently posted on the Entomo-L listserver: The bee is such a busy soul, She has no time for birth control. So that is why at […]

Monday Morning bug jokes

The folks at the Entomological Society were busy at our last annual meeting, and recorded a whole bunch of entomologists telling jokes! There is a wonderful follow up video with interviews with some of my […]

Weekly World News…online!

Google Books has given me a late present–many past issues of WWN are now online! Readers of WWN (via the grocery checkout isle, anyway) will remember that they often feature amazingly badly pasted together stories […]


From the Facebook Group “Signs that Fascinate and Intrigue”: Why are they against Pesto? I love pesto, especially with some fresh tomatoes. And why is the mafia in Florida, looking for insects to kill? Mysteries.

Tree Lobsters: The Comic

OMG. There are no words for how awesomely awesome this is.  I mentioned tree lobsters at Skepchick because…Tree Lobsters! What do I need to say, really? Steve made this comment: I’d like to see a […]

Beehive + Buzzing =

HA! I love Indexed.  :) Instructions on how to build your own beehive (hairdo) here.

The Customer isn’t always right

A little something for the weekend….. Those of us that work with the general public know that while people are probably perfectly lucid, there also are some that are clearly utter blocks of wood above […]