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Jesus on a Moth!

No, that’s not an expression like “Christ on a Cracker!” Someone in Tyler, Texas (It had to be Texas….) thinks he sees Jesus on this moth.  You know you have comedy gold just from this […]

African Dung Beetles for McCain

Since it’s a patriotic sort of weekend, thought I’d cover some recent political news: “African dung beetles have been observed rolling dung balls that resemble U.S. presidential candidates, according to entomologists who have been studying […]

Now for something completely different

I got nothing, so how about you amuse yourself with these photoshopped bookcovers? Most amusing! Other sources of amusement/bafflement: You could not make stuff like this up. “Two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual […]

I love Japanese Culture

OMG. This is just amazing. And, really, a good idea to multitask. But damn funny. And the restaurant dudes are pretty entertaining. Make sure you watch long enough for the questions about insurance. Additional entertainment: […]


Another amusing thing I found on Flickr: the FliPod! Nicely Done, DedKenny! I also really liked the Mantis grinding coffee….or something. EDITED TO ADD: Oh, and you must check out Seeds Aside’s find in a […]

A collection of insect April Fool’s jokes

Several great April Fools jokes popped up this week around the web, but I think the NCSU Museum is the hands-down winner with their report on earwigs in…ears. Complete with Xrays.  And a Rickroll. Gossamer […]

Food of the Gods

In the pantheon of Very Bad Giant Insect Horror Films, Food of the Gods has always been a standout. A director Bert I. Gordon (BIG) classic, this adaptation of an H.G Wells story is amazing […]

St. Urho: another reason to drink funny colored beer in March

I wanted to alert everyone before the weekend: find your purple t-shirts for March 16th. This time of year, everyone is wearing green for St. Patrick. But there is another saint whose holiday is celebrated […]

The Seven New Deadly Sins

Courtesy of the always wonderful Indexed: BTW, in case you missed it, the Vatican did, in fact issue new guidelines about sinning, and using birth control is now a deadly sin. Bastards. Also, does it […]