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I’d like a golem on the side

I don’t get by Overheard in the Office much these days, but this one was just gold: Cashier: “Will this be all?” Lady: “I also want one Kabbalah.” [Cashier looks at her, puzzled.] “This dessert” […]

Hot Midget Vampire Gerbils

I get an average of 100 spam comments a day on this blog, and sometimes they are very amusing. I don’t know if they just randomly pick words, or there’s a formula, but this title […]

Vampire haiku, etc.

These made me laugh, and I’m in favor of laughing on a Sunday, which is almost Monday. Which means I have to get back to work and quit goofing off. Should have worked out more […]

Friday Randomness

Today was my first day of work at my new job, and I’m totally whipped. So, here’s some stuff I saw this week that made me laugh out loud: A review of some romance novel […]

Minuscule: Ants at work

A heist, a bocce ball, and ….well, I won’t give the rest away. Enjoy!

Two caterpillars (Minuscule)

This seemed like a nice story for a Wednesday, when one begins to think Friday will never come:

Adventures of Mr. Fly

A very odd photo essay from JPG Magazine: “On May 16 2007 I met Gerald Fly in my garden as I was shooting some cliché flowers. I had just bought my first cheap macro filters […]