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ehrmahgerd bertles!

ZOMG Amazing News: I’m Moving

Yeah, so. Here’s my real name and stuff, illustrated with animated gifs.

Anonymous Entomological Punditry on the Internet

[This is part of a series of posts about writing, entomology, and career development that are linked to my upcoming Entomological Society of America talk in November.] I get a surprising number of emails from reporters asking […]

Vote! (on my identity)

I keep getting more and more interesting things coming my way as Bug Girl…but the problem is, I like being Bug Girl, and not (fill in real name here).  Keeps life simpler, and boss happy. […]

Blog Vacation

I discovered that someone just “outed” me as the author of this blog, using my real name. I know a lot of people suspect they know who I am–but I have tried to always maintain […]