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A bit busy

This leaf insect seems to express how I’m feeling this week pretty well. (And yes, it’s only Monday!) You just get an entertaining photo for today’s post. It’s not really an eyeball in the photo; […]

Chagas disease in the blood supply

In case you missed it, NPR had a segment on the presence of Chagas’ disease in the American blood supply two weeks ago. Chagas’ disease is transmitted primarily by a true bug, Triatoma infestans, and […]

Insect wars and spiders

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to post on a bunch of cool arthropod news items that have come out lately. Fortunately, Zooillogix is picking them up: Insect Warfare (potential for insects as […]


I’m too tired to write, so here’s a cute picture of a membracid from BugMan (no relation). I also found a pattern for knitting insects on your sweater, in case anyone feels creative.

More insect food!

Wired had a feature this week on the “Most Curious Canned Goods Online” and one definitely is on my list: Canned pupae. “Silkworm Pupae Literally meaning pupa or chrysalis, beondegi are popular Korean street snacks, […]

Two caterpillars (Minuscule)

This seemed like a nice story for a Wednesday, when one begins to think Friday will never come: