The Ant Analogy

I wanted to direct everyone to a really great essay about ants, termites, and using their societies as a metaphor for human society:
The Ant Analogy

I liked it so much, I couldn’t pick a chunk to excerpt. Go read the whole thing in context.

Qarrtsiluni is an online literary magazine, and actually has had several insect entries lately, from poetry to natural history essays. Enjoy!

(and thanks to dalantech for the image)

Project Insect

Another of my “what I learned at the Entomology Meeting” posts: Project Insect (International Spectrum of Enormous Crawling Things).

Their mission:

“We educate the general public on the science of entomology, ecosystem preservation, and global conservation through the mediums of live performance, visual fine arts, scientific approach and interactive activities.”

The art is absolutely beautiful–I wish I could create things like this!!

There are no recent dates on the website, alas. Perhaps you can book them?