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OMG of the week

Totally NOT safe for work, but insect related. And you know you can count on The Bug to bring you all things Insectile! A vibrating dragonfly for your penis: “Like the edible costume jewelry we […]

Ghost bug!

Someone did an AWESOME job of putting together a video demonstrating that the “ghost” visible on this gas station camera was actually…an insect. He included footage of other famous ghost insects from the past as […]

Arthropod news roundup

I’m afraid I have been a very Bad Bug Blogger lately–I am sooooo swamped. My new job is kicking my butt (in a good way). Oh, and there’s the little matter of a paper I’m […]

Lorioux: Insect Art

I stumbled across this post at the Hollywood Animation Archive–a collection of beautiful reproductions of French illustrator Felix Lorioux’s illustrations. The prints are from his book, “Le Buffon des Enfants: Les Insectes de Chez Nous”. […]

Master of Ants

Ok, I really, really want to know how I got on someone’s list as a person to plug stuff. Once again, I have gotten a contact from a PR person! This one, at least, I […]

Whiteflies and Orgies

The latest edition of Science Express (advance copies of papers that will be published in Science) has some interesting news about how one species of whitefly has been so successful. Basically, they succeed because they’re […]

Climate warming and beetles

A paper came out this week on climate change and the potential ability of diving beetles to deal with it: Thermal tolerance, acclimatory capacity and vulnerability to global climate change. Piero Calosi, David T. Bilton […]


The LA Times has an interesting robotics story today: “As the moth tracks the world around it, an electrode in its tiny brain captures faint electrical impulses that a computer translates into action. The moth, […]

Ask an Entomologist: Cluster Flies

In late fall (usually September and October) I always hear from friends that suddenly have tons of flies buzzing sluggishly around their house. They didn’t smell anything obviously dead, and are frustrated by the constant […]