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And Another Thing…. (DDT Fail)

I was interviewed by Drunken Skeptics (Michigan Skeptics Association) about DDT, bed bugs, and my criticism of Brian Dunning for not doing proper research and posting a lot of incorrect stuff about DDT. Listen to […]

Operation Gadfly: Bug Minions, Activate!

I have a cunning plan (with apologies to Baldrick).  I’m applying to this job with LibraryThing: “LibraryThing is hiring a bookish, social-media savvy employee. We want someone passionate about books and about book lovers, and […]

Career Tip #7: First impressions

I can’t tell you how much first impressions count when I have a posted position open, and I get calls from candidates.  Many of them seem to have missed learning some of the basic rules […]

W00t of the week: an interview!

Yep, it’s apparently “Interview Bug Girl on the Interwebs” month.  I’m this week’s featured blog at the Nature Blog Network. Squee! In other news: Good news: we found our water well! Bad news: it’s not […]

New podcast!

Mindcore interviewed me about killer bees, crab lice, and a bunch of other things. My interview starts at 33:37. Also, great music at the end–aparently there is an industrial metal song about pubic lice. Who […]