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Scarab Beetle with Laser Bra!

Whoa.  I had no idea there was a version of Spiderman from Japan.  I can’t embed the video, but TRUST ME. You need to click through and watch at least the first 4 minutes of […]

Pretty Picture Friday

It’s actually going to be 70 degrees here in Michigan today, so I plan to be OUTSIDE enjoying the day, and not online. While I’m gone, why not enjoy this lovely artwork from BiblioOdyssey.  It’s […]

Cicada man!

CicadiaMania alerted me to the strange pleasure that is Cicada Man, or Semi Ningen.  Semi Ningen (Cicada-Human) is a character from a very odd 1966 Japanese TV series, Ultra Q.  SN is sent to earth […]

Insect Netsuke

I have long been fascinated by Netsuke, which often have insects as part of their designs and are amazingly beautiful and intricate. Netsuke and Inro are decorative items from old Japan. An inro is  a […]

Most Unusual Fashion Accessory Award

I think this qualifies as sexiest use of exuviae* ever! Apparently Shokotan (blogger and hottie) is a big fan of cicadas, and their shed skins.  Since she’s also a big cosplay star, one has to […]

I love Japanese Culture

OMG. This is just amazing. And, really, a good idea to multitask. But damn funny. And the restaurant dudes are pretty entertaining. Make sure you watch long enough for the questions about insurance. Additional entertainment: […]

Insect Sutras

Yet more fascinating stuff from Asia: “One example of Buddhism’s reverence for this sacrifice of life is a prayer service performed every September in Agui-cho, Aichi Prefecture. Held since the Heian period (which makes the […]

Japan, insects, and a high jump

Something fun for a Friday afternoon!  I have commented before on how I find Japanese culture both baffling and fascinating. The butt-biting bug was one example–here’s another one. A game show contest that involves a […]