Operation Gadfly: Bug Minions, Activate!

I have a cunning plan (with apologies to Baldrick).  I’m applying to this job with LibraryThing:

“LibraryThing is hiring a bookish, social-media savvy employee. We want someone passionate about books and about book lovers, and excited to take social cataloging and bookish social networking to the next level.”

Like all scientists everywhere, I’m borrowing and refining a proven technique.  If you would like to help LibraryThing hire an ÜberNerd (i.e, ME), please tweet this:

{removed since Operation Gadfly ended successfully}

This is an experiment (science again!) to see if I can socially engineer an interview :)

I haven’t quite figured out what I can do to thank you if you participate–feel free to post your demands in the comments.

You all have been so incredibly kind to me over the last 5 years, as you’ve read about my battles with random wingnuttery,  shared my love of our creepy crawly brethren, and (hopefully) watched my writing improve.  I am humbled by your support.  (and don’t worry, I will only do this ONCE.  It might be an experiment, but I won’t replicate it.)

Thanks everyone!

EDITED 11/1/2010 TO ADD: Holy Crap! I thought this might be a neat way to make LibraryThing know who I was and that I knew about social media. I succeeded beyond my wildest expectations! (See the comments for some links to screen shots).  I am, once again, so grateful and humble for your help.  I sound like a bumbling Miss America contestant, but…*sniff*



Oh, the Irony….

The day after I posted how much I loved living on site at my job, I found out I’ll be cut to 50% next June; that’s effectively a layoff. It was probably inevitable that the state budget cuts would catch up to me.

The thing I will miss most about this job will actually be the Trumpeter Swans. (This is a photo that I took near my front door.)   I never was a birder until I took this job; it was all about the bugs. But I completely fell in love with Trumpeters living on this lake.

They are big, not terribly bright, and incredibly soft.  They have HUGE feet. Add in a recovery from near extinction and fluffy cygnets, and they’re impossible to resist.

But, while it will be hard to say goodbye to my awesome co-workers, students, and the swans, I’m kind of excited about the possibility of a completely new start.  Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while now know this job was waaay beyond a 40hr/wk employment experience; I wasn’t able to have much of a life other than work.  Aside from a rather spherical cat, I don’t have any dependents anymore; I am free to move anywhere I want.

I’ve spent some time thinking about what I want to do with the next 15 years until I can (in theory) retire.  I know what I’m good at; in fact, despite some considerable challenges, I think I’ve done some of the best work of my career in this job.  I’m good at social media and instructional design; I’m good with students, and I’m a good teacher and manager.  Somehow, if I can sort out how to combine that with bugs or nature-y stuff, I’ll be all set.

It’s clear to me that I need to do more hands-on stuff to really be happy. I’ve been applying for some very long shot jobs that I’m quite geeked about, but I don’t expect to successfully land.

The hard part is explaining why someone with a PhD wants to be a low-level flunky.  I’ve done the high-level admin thing. I climbed up the career ladder, and I found out the stuff towards the top is a lot less interesting to me than what’s at the bottom.

I would much rather be cleaning poop out of cages than planning a grant to fund the cages and poop cleaners, or create a multi-year strategic poop plan.

If you happen to know of any poopy jobs opening in the near future, please send them my way.