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Sofa Safari

Think TV science sucks? Here’s how you can help fix it

Please support this kickstarter project to make an amazing insect and science educational film

Pollinator Week Squee

Since it’s Pollinator Week, and we talked about Squee and cuteness yesterday, how about an adorable video from New Zealand about pollination?

DonorsChoose Science Challenge Results!

The DonorsChoose Science Blog Challenge is over–and Bug Donors were able to fund a Connecticut teacher! Yay! Here’s what she had to say: I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for your generosity. It […]

Bug Camp!

I don’t help with this, but I know the kids that attend love it! Each year, the MSU Bug House holds summer camps to introduce children to the wonderful world of insects. Michigan State University […]

Ask an Entomologist: Do insects have eyes?

This question was relayed to me by Zooilogix from a young reader. The answer is yes, insects do have eyes-they even have two kinds of eyes! The first kind of eye that insects have are […]

Children and gardening

A new report by the Cornell Garden Based Learning program: “Researchers have discovered the secrets to enhancing youth participation in school and community-based garden programs. A three-year study entitled “Greener Voices” proves that children will […]

Farm Kids have less asthma

I’ve mentioned before that lots of research suggests being a dirty kid is actually good for you. Some new research was added to the evidence this week: “This study shows that living in a farming […]