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The Mad Hatterpillar

There is nothing I love more than finding an amazing new insect to tell you about!  Today it’s the “Mad Hatterpillar.” As you can see from this photo, these caterpillars (Uraba lugens, larvae of a […]

National Moth Week July 23-29, 2012

Now that National Pollinator Week is over, you can focus on the upcoming National Moth Week! Mark your calendars for July 23-29, 2012. Why moths? Moths can be found everywhere from inner cities to heavily forested […]

Mark your calendars: National Moth Week!

National Moth Week is a new project celebrating moths and biodiversity in the US. July 23-29, 2012 Why moths? Moths can be found everywhere from inner cities to heavily forested remote areas.  You might dismiss […]

Would you like to see my Engravings?

I feature the BiblioOdessy blog here semi-regularly, since he seems to find lovely old insect artwork everywhere. This week: Charming hand-coloured 18th century moth illustrations found in EJC Esper’s ‘Die Schmetterlinge in Abbildungen nach der […]

25 Butterfly Conservation Scholarships!

This sounds totally nifty. Alas, I have absolutely no excuse to sign up, since I’m not involved in butterfly rearing or restoration, but I really want to go! The Florida Museum of Natural History/McGuire Center […]

Host Plant Index!

This time of year, when snow is on the ground, seed catalogs begin arriving in mailboxes.  I have always loved Michael Perry’s great line from Truck: “Seed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than […]

Lepidoptera Scholarships!

The Joan Mosenthal DeWind Awards 2009 “The Xerces Society is now accepting applications for two $3,750 awards for research into Lepidoptera conservation. The DeWind awards are given to students who are engaged in research leading […]