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Don’t throw your DEET Away!

A lot of people have been asking me about the new DEET news. Here’s an entomologist’s opinion, breaking it down.
TL:DR your DEET still works, ignore the headlines.

Malaria in the news

Two papers came out in the last couple of weeks that concern malaria and mosquitoes. In the first paper, the role of bromeliads as a breeding site for vectors of malaria in South America was […]

American Chemical Society discusses DDT

in a “Perspectives” article in Environmental Science and Technology. Regrettably, the primary entomologist they talked to was Donald Roberts, who is about as Pro-DDT as you can get. Although Roberts is quoted heavily, as a […]

New article on Rachel Carson and DDT

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), one of the most interesting magazines out there, has a new article on the “Rachel Carson is evil/DDT will save the planet” insanity in the media. I think they […]

An odd email campaign by Africa Fighting Malaria

I and a whole bunch of other bloggers were contacted this week by the Astroturf group Africa Fighting Malaria. They wanted us to know a new paper had been published about DDT: “This information was […]