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How-to Taxonomic FAIL

I can’t remember who pointed this out to me, but it made me laugh. I present:  The photo of a “wasp nest” that is actually a mantis ootheca. Ootheca is a fancy way of saying […]

Mantis Fratricide?

It appears someone found the giant mantis mentioned earlier this week. The description sounds like classic cold war stuff: “Dilke had been miniaturized, first man in a daring experiment to solve Earth’s hideous overcrowding. He […]

Thursday Taxonomic FAIL

I was excited about this “big bug” feature that someone sent me…until I got to the 4th bug.  That is NOT a Giant Walking stick. It’s a Mantis.  If the mantis is also 21 inches […]

Caught in the Bug Net: 10.23.10

I wanted to make sure you saw this one from The Onion: “GRAND IMPERIAL THRONE ROOM, CASTLE ROACH—His Royal Highness, King Leopold Blattodea IV, undisputed lord and ruler of the cockroaches, expressed dismay and concern […]

Alien Praying Mantis?

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords: “In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, I found myself enmeshed in ufology, working as a licensed hypnotherapist with allegedly alien abductees. During this time, I made […]