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I may be away for a while…

I’m off to the Entomological Society meetings, so posting may be a bit spotty over the next week. I did pack shorts, since the weather report said there would be a high of 60 degrees […]

Michigan: #3 in hate crimes

I really wish I could say this surprises me: New FBI statistics showed hate crimes in Michigan — where incidents are third-highest in the nation — increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2006, rising […]

Snow and NeoNazis

We actually got our first snow last night. I began to finish up a post about mosquito control today, and then I realized that no one in the Midwest really has an urgent need to […]

MI Dept. Natural Resources: Not Dead Yet?

It was only last August that the DNR posted a notice of how much it was cutting back on it’s website. Over 100 positions went vacant; huge cut backs have been made. And now this […]

Michigan: economy still sucking

In case you missed it, NPR had a bit on All Things Considered tonight about just how bad Michigan’s economy is: 1 in 9 citizens receives food aid or other assistance We’re now tied with […]