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Out Sick

Ugh. Sinus Infection. Antibiotics making me sicker. How about another cute photo of a bee fly to tide you over until I am upright again? (Diptera: Bombyliidae, Bombylius major ) Thanks Maxi Millipede for the […]

Not A Bee: FAIL

See, this is why knowing your bees from bee mimics is important– You don’t want to have a snarky entomologist like me point out that your website about bees is prominently featuring….a syrphid FLY. Not […]

Things that aren’t bees (#3)

Here’s one of my favorite bee mimics–the bee fly, Family Bombyliidae.  These little balls of fuzz are amazing flyers, able to hover at will.  They typically don’t land on a flower while feeding, but hang […]

Things that aren’t bees (#2)

Yesterday, I discussed a common group of flies that mimic bees and wasps. Here’s a more challenging mimic. This one is also a fly, but a pretty convincing fake bumble bee! In fact, there is […]

Things that aren’t bees (#1)

I get a lot of “what is that?!” questions, and I thought it would be fun to have a series of things that look like bees and wasps, but are not bees or wasps. There […]

No power until Thursday

So, posts will be pretty sparse until then. We were lucky, and all trees missed the house. Lots of our neighbor’s fields, though, are a total wash. On the other hand, we really needed the […]