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Silk Pavilion

How to get 6,500 silk worms to make you a house. Sort of.

Harlem Shake: Butterfly Style

The latest internet Meme is the Harlem Shake, and I think this is one of the best versions. A little background: “Harlem Shake” (not  the hip hop dance style) is the title of a 2012 […]

Lice on a Bird: Convergent Evolution in action!

A really nice example of how to communicate some fascinating evolutionary biology.  Illinois Natural History Survey ornithologist Kevin  Johnson describes his research on the history of feather lice.  Anyone who works with birds knows they […]

Bumblebees in Spring

It is finally starting to reliably warm up in spring, although we still have a few cold evenings. Bumblebees are one of the first pollinators out in the spring, and the fuzzy adorableness of their bodies does […]

A Different Kind of Bug Girl

Alternate title: I Could Not Make This Shit Up If I Tried. I’ve mentioned before that the nickname Bug Girl is occasionally used by people that are not me.  But this one is a new […]

Think before you stink

It’s finally turning into winter here on the east coast, and I thought I’d share this excellent video on how to get rid of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs.  They’ve caused quite a …..er….stink…..here, and this […]

Green Power (in a small multi-legged package)

Yeah, it’s a viral video, but it’s a viral INSECT video. I clearly need to get my minions better trained so that I can power up my iPhone. I do feel a little bad for […]

Bad Alien Theatre

Ah, Labor Day weekend. I was going to get so much work done, and have lots of posts drafted so that I could return to a regular publishing status here. That didn’t happen, in part […]

Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo

I *finally* got to see this movie, after waiting almost a year–it is now available on Netflix.  It was delightful, but not at all what I expected. The Japanese have a profoundly different relationship with […]