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Ant-Man: The movie?

Some time back I reported on a plan to convert the Ant Man comic into a movie.  Updates from Comic-Con suggest that movie is back in development!  It currently has a 2014 release date. Ant-Man first appeared […]

Musical Interlude 2: Black fly

Thanks so much to Tim for the tip on this video.  Hilarious!  I especially like the way in which the black flies even attack the National Film Board Logo.  Make sure you watch to the […]

Zanti Misfits

A very creepy Outer Limits episode

Pollinator Barbershop

Best line: “Don’t be a hater, I’m a pollinator.”  :D

I will survive…

This seemed appropriate, given my last post.  You should probably not watch this if you haven’t had lunch yet.

Why is Science Important?

I just stumbled across this website–which also has a very interesting film.  The filmmaker, Alom Shaha, is a teacher; here’s what he says about the project: “I’ve started this film and blog project in which […]

Cicada man!

CicadiaMania alerted me to the strange pleasure that is Cicada Man, or Semi Ningen.  Semi Ningen (Cicada-Human) is a character from a very odd 1966 Japanese TV series, Ultra Q.  SN is sent to earth […]

The Amityville Bug House

So, the Amityville Horror was a bad book, a crappy movie, and all around bullshit. But…some days at the Bug House, I can totally relate to the scene with the flies (video here; start at […]