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Butterfly timelapse videos!

Check out this nifty film of painted lady emergence from pupae: It’s particularly interesting to see these color changes as the butterflies develop–and then they suddenly turn a milky color. What’s happening? In preparation for […]

Klaatu Barada Stinko

(I didn’t think of that post title myself, unfortunately. I stole it from this review.) I have no idea why Hollywood keeps redoing–and utterly ruining–good old movies.  The original is a wonderful Cold War classic […]

Sperms of Endearment

A slightly off-topic topic–at least the spam I’m getting lately is more creative. There seems to be a movie theme this week: Sperms of Endearment Good Will Humping You’ve Got Male Shaving Ryan’s Privates This […]

The Fly: An Opera (?)

Yep, Cronenberg has made his film into an Opera. “The libretto by David Henry Hwang (”M. Butterfly”) has all the elements needed for good opera: a love story, a transformation, tragedy and death, not to […]

The Happening and CCD

I got a tip that Colony Collapse Disorder is a part of the plot of M. Night Shyamalan’s new film, The Happening. Unfortunately, it seems to be another not-so-good film from Mr. Shyamalan, and has […]

Discovery chanel = Nature porn

I used to teach a Freshman Seminar about Skepticism and science, and one of the classes that always blew the kids away was a discussion of how much of what was on TV as nature/science […]

Ant Man: coming to a theatre near you

Coming in, um, like 2 years? Yep, thanks to my close Hollywood contacts, I have a tip on a new insect movie! Apparently there is an Ant Man comic, and like many other comics, it […]

Awesome Cicada Movie

If you liked the little loop I had a while back showing a cicada emerging, you’ll love this–a neat little 6 minute film about the Cicada Life Cycle! Amazing photography! Indiana University also has a […]

Food of the Gods

In the pantheon of Very Bad Giant Insect Horror Films, Food of the Gods has always been a standout. A director Bert I. Gordon (BIG) classic, this adaptation of an H.G Wells story is amazing […]