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Frontline Documentary Airs tonight!

FYI, Frontline’s documentary about US surveilance on it’s own citizens will air tonight. Frontline is what journalism should be–I can always count on it to dig around and expose something. Additionally, today is the deadline […]

Proof I am a Dirty Girl

Happy Earth Day! I was outside all day in the garden. Behold my foulness (and awesome new boots) per this earlier post: We also saw Hot Fuzz this evening, which was hilarious. I recommend it, […]

This kind of “empowerment” we don’t need.

From CNN: LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) — In the wake of a public outcry against Los Angeles billboards and New York taxicab tops advertising the upcoming movie “Captivity” with images of the abduction, torture […]

Horse Boxing Killer

Who wouldn’t want to see a movie with a title like that? This classic kung-fu film (1979) has lots of beautifully choreographed fights, and almost no wire work. Unfortunately, it was apparently copied from a […]

Gluteus Freakyous

So, I am looking for something to do that will keep me moving, now that I am going to bail on Mr. Spandex and Arnis class. I thought bellydancing might be fun, and have gotten […]