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Insect Nation

A little musical interlude for your evening: Bill Bailey on the destruction of the planet.

Harlem Shake: Butterfly Style

The latest internet Meme is the Harlem Shake, and I think this is one of the best versions. A little background: “Harlem Shake” (not  the hip hop dance style) is the title of a 2012 […]

The Indoor Centipede Song!

Oh, I love this! All microfauna need their own song!!  Centipedes sometimes create a great deal of alarm when they are found inside homes, but really they are harmless little predators. Now if we can […]

The Nearctica Waltz (or: Ballad of Lovebugs)

This wasn’t a submission to the Ribald Tales of Entomology Limerick Contest, but it rhymes, it’s funny, and it’s Arthropod related, so I’m making it an Honorable Mention. If you haven’t lived in the southern […]

Call for papers: Insects in Pop Culture, Art, and Music

Oh, this is going to be really cool! You might remember Jennifer Angus–I’ve covered her work before here. Amazing art work using dried insect specimens. I just discovered there will be a special issue of Insects (ISSN […]

A Musical Interlude

I’m sure most of you have heard that the Great Cicada Emergence of 2011 is happening all up and down the east coast this year.  Cicada Mania is keeping tabs on all the latest emergence […]

Mormon Cricket Playlist?

An entertaining news item from the Wall Street Journal: TUSCARORA, Nev. — The residents of this tiny town, anticipating an imminent attack, will be ready with a perimeter defense. They’ll position their best weapons at […]

Nothing but Nets

And now…back to World Malaria Day [Week] here at the Bug Blog.  This has to be one of the most charming rap songs ever–a group of Atlanta kids do a rap song for Nothing but […]

Bark Beetle Music Video

Some fun for a Friday. And I’m sure the large number of beer bottles in the video are a total coincidence :D Virginia Tech has a nice publication on Bark Beetles: “Bark beetles attack trees […]