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I’m in love with satellite radio

So, my rental car had Sirius Radio in it….and I’m totally in love.  I don’t listen to pop music at all, and I had multiple channels of classical, blues, and jazz to choose from. I […]

Detroit and Locusts

Finally, Kwame Kilpatrick has pleaded guilty and (indirectly) resigned as mayor.  If you aren’t up on the massive clusterfuck story, check out Respectful Insolence’s summary. It’s a sad thing for a great city.  From a […]

Richard Thompson Attacked by Arthropod

I’m a Richard Thompson fan, and my husband tipped me off on his recent adventure in Mexico–he was stung by a Centruroides scorpion: “Throbbing pain in the bones of the right arm. Numbness and prickling […]

Amusing Music Thursday

Wow. I soooooo wish I had the chutzpah to do this. I present: Leslie Hall, from Ames, Iowa. There is, alas, no video for the song “Midwest Diva,” which you can hear on her MySpace […]

Radiohead insect mashup

Interesting….combine Radiohead’s “All I Need” with clips from the (totally awesome!) movie Microcosmos, and you have a pretty cool music video:

My bad day got better

I definitely am not going to have a good week. Because other people need to learn how to work with technology in our office, rather than relying on me to do it, I’ve been banned […]