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Aliens of the Amazon!

I was so excited to discover that there is actually a documentary about Membracids!  I don’t have television, so somehow missed this when it originally aired on the Science Channel in 2010. And best of […]

The Michigan Oil Spill

One of the things I’m very surprised about is how people outside Michigan don’t seem to know anything about the MILLION GALLON oil spill that happened in July: “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that […]

I forgot Michigan is this pretty

I was up in Petoskey this weekend, and really loved it. Lake Michigan can be very beautiful.

Things change (thank goodness)

Discovered this interesting historic document today. I had read before that it was common to hunt raptors of all kinds in the past because they were considered “pests”. But… this makes it a whole lot […]

The Feather Trade

We are in the process of upgrading some materials around where I work, and as a consequence we’ve been looking for materials about birds, conservation, and the historic use of birds and bird parts in […]

Ospreys return to Lower Michigan!

I recently got a letter from the Michigan Nature Association that announced they have nesting ospreys at the Helmer Brook Plant Preserve.  Osprey Watch reports there are 17 active nests in lower Michigan this year. […]

National Pollinator Week 2009!

Celebrate National Pollinator Week, June 22-28, 2009! There is a nifty collection of online resources–including document templates, fact sheets, and more–online here! There are even stickers you can print on your printer. Cool!

Baby’s Breath: Pretty and evil

I’m talking about the plant (Gypsophila paniculata), not actual babies, BTW. I was recently reminded that a lot of folks don’t know that Baby’s Breath is a nasty, invasive plant in the US. Oddly enough, […]

Thursday Trivia: Seal Lice

The oceans are one of the very few places in the world where insects are not a dominant fauna. But even there, insects do exist! An entire family of lice specializes just on carnivorous pinnipeds, […]