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Earth Day 2009

Some days it seems like we are too far down a road to ever go back.  I work on our invasive species program, and despair of ever making progress. And then…I see this.  President Obama […]

Shiny! (not in a good way, alas)

A lot of discussion occurs about “light pollution” at night, but some recent research suggests there’s another issue–polarized light pollution during the day. Smooth, dark buildings, vehicles and even roads can be mistaken by insects […]

Wood Frogs join the Spring Chorus

Yay! Now in addition to spring peepers and chorus frogs, we have wood frogs. Wood frogs always crack me up, since they sound sort of like they are cussing (Click to listen). A nifty fact […]


Spring peepers!!   [Listen]  Chorus Frogs!! [listen] It’s official–it’s spring. (*runs in circles*)

15 Evolutionary Gems

Nature has just released a free PDF file that summarizes some historic evidence for evolution: Readers will find at http://www.nature.com/evolutiongems a freely accessible resource for biologists and others who wish to explain to students, friends […]

Earth Encyclopedia

I’m just getting around to processing all the stuff I picked up in August at the Ecological Society meetings. One of the things I meant to post was the Encyclopedia of Earth.  It’s meant to […]

West Nile Virus and Birds

A new review paper out in Bioscience documents the spread of West Nile Virus in the US–and the toll on birds. If you don’t work with birds, or the disease itself, you tend not to […]

USDA and Conservation Reserve Losses

I blogged about the Conservation Reserve program before; basically it’s a program that pays farmers to not till highly-erodible or wetland areas, and encourages them to plant native prairie or trees. (This program was recently […]

Dog-Day Cicadas

I’ve started hearing the dog-day cicadas! While the 17-year cicadas get a lot of press, there are also yearly cicadas. In the US, these are all in the Genus Tibicen (latin for “flute player”). The […]