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Monarch World Heritage Site!

UNESCO has just added the Monarch Reserve in Mexico to its list of World Heritage sites! “8 July – The World Heritage Committee, meeting for its 32nd session, finished inscribing new sites on UNESCO’s World […]

Discovery chanel = Nature porn

I used to teach a Freshman Seminar about Skepticism and science, and one of the classes that always blew the kids away was a discussion of how much of what was on TV as nature/science […]

Frogs and Road Kill

A new(ish) article (Feb 2008 ) out in Herpetological Conservation and Biology (PDF) finds that a staggering amount of amphibians in the Midwest are roadkill. The total list of all the vertebrate things killed on […]

I got to play with a Smart Car!

This kind of a smart car, that is. The good stuff: OMG Cute!! It’s a ULEV (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) The place it’s manufactured is energy conscious, and there is a recycling program The coupe […]

Conservation Reserve Losses

A lot of people that aren’t aggie nerds like me have never heard of NRCS, or the conservation reserve programs. Until the New York Times covered them, anyway: Thousands of farmers are taking their fields […]

Science and Public Policy Survey

You might have heard of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation as a sponsor for NPR or PBS shows about nature or environmental issues. They have awarded a grant to The Keystone Center to conduct a […]

Signs of spring

First, I noticed that all the trees along one of the roads on my commute looked like they were hooked up for an IV transfusion. It’s maple syrup time! The Michigan Maple Syrup Association has […]


I have found a new spot to add to my “OMG I Must Go Here” list: The Waitmo Glowworm cave of New Zealand. These insects are a type of midge (fly) (Arachnocampa) that are bioluminescent […]

Carnival time: Leap Year edition!

Yep, it’s up at Conspiracy Factory. Check it out! A lovely tribute to Star Wars. (No Jar Jar Binks, thank goodness!) Also, Carnival of the Spineless is up at Dendroica! Some very cool insect finds […]