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“We don’t talk about ovaries here”

I put things on hold about 4 months ago, and wanted to give everyone an update. I’m afraid there are no insects in this post, but I am possibly going to crank things up again. […]


I really loved this interview with David Rakoff about why he writes.  This part especially really resonated with me: “Writing only ever begins badly.  And you have to sit and tolerate yourself long enough to […]

Oh, the Irony….

The day after I posted how much I loved living on site at my job, I found out I’ll be cut to 50% next June; that’s effectively a layoff. It was probably inevitable that the […]

Whither Goest the Bug Blog?

This will be a rather personal and introspective (i.e., navels gazed at) post, so if that isn’t your thing, just click away. You might have noticed I haven’t been writing much lately. There’s a lot […]

Moving: completed?

I have officially sold my house, and have moved into an apartment about 1 mile from where I’m working. So, no more cross-state commuting! Yay! Of course, I can’t find anything, I’m grieving for my […]

Pseudonyms and anonymity

MGK recently was musing about the case of an anonymous blogger publicly “outed” by another; “Pseudonymity is great. Blevins explains most of the cogent reasons why he blogged anonymously (not wanting to frighten students, not […]

Posting on the interwebs using your real name

I thought it was interesting that as I am struggling with the issue of anonymity, Feministe was also discussing this issue.  It seems like women especially come in for abuse online–something I’ve mentioned before. (And […]