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Ask an Entomologist: Larva Migrans

It’s not at all uncommon for strange skin conditions to be attributed to bugs, or bug bites. As an entomologist, it’s also not at all uncommon for someone to ask me to look at their […]

Pubic Lice: “Sea monkeys in your pants”

Everything is a fetish on the internet. EVERYTHING.

Mummified Lice

Now here’s something you don’t hear about everyday! Lice from 1,000-year-old mummies in Peru may unravel important clues about a different sort of passage: the migration patterns of America’s earliest humans, a new University of […]

6 Parasites

Mental Floss has an interesting article about 6 different parasites, and an extremely entertaining trailer for an imaginary film to go with it! You’ll recognize some bits from MST3K movies in this, too…

Sense About Science

I’ve mentioned Sense about Science before–it’s a group in the UK that works to block companies and hucksters from misrepresenting themselves as “scientific” when they are just selling pseudoscience. A new initiative of theirs is […]

Ask an Entomologist: Bot Flies

A story in the news today: Man surprised by bot flies on his head! I was looking at some of the comments on that article, and thought some general info about bot flies might be […]