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ehrmahgerd bertles!

ZOMG Amazing News: I’m Moving

Yeah, so. Here’s my real name and stuff, illustrated with animated gifs.

“We don’t talk about ovaries here”

I put things on hold about 4 months ago, and wanted to give everyone an update. I’m afraid there are no insects in this post, but I am possibly going to crank things up again. […]

A Brief Intermission

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while–I’ve been having an existential crisis. If you are only interested in bug stuff, come back in a few days. For the morbidly curious….

Learn from my Fail

So, just thought I would stick my head back in and mention that my divorce was final today.  I learned several important things during this process. 1. Do NOT choose your lawyer based on how […]

Taking a little bloggy vacation

As those of you who read my Twitter stream (or who are my Facebook friends), I had a couple of major RL type things happen recently. It is also lovely outside, and I have major […]

Things I’ve Learned

Some random thoughts: 1. I am currently hiring for a 6 month position, no benefits, no promise of any continued employment. We got >45 applications, and about half are from laid-off teachers in Michigan. 2. […]

Posting on the interwebs using your real name

I thought it was interesting that as I am struggling with the issue of anonymity, Feministe was also discussing this issue.  It seems like women especially come in for abuse online–something I’ve mentioned before. (And […]

FSBO houses, radio, and other news

I listed our house at FSBO.com last night, and today I’m looking in our local newspaper…and discovering that over 150 houses are in foreclosure in my county alone. Oh dear. They aren’t kidding about Michigan […]

Snow, coming home, and back to work

Well, I’m back from the Entomology conference, and I’m now snug in my house, looking at the snow fall. (I also know for sure that I’m back in rural Michigan, because I can see my […]