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Exotic pets: more regulation needed

I’ve written before about some legislation pending that would put tighter controls on the importation of non-native species as pets. And today, some news that supports the need for that legislation: “A growing interest among […]

Bye Patsy…..

We lost a little friend tonight…our black Siberian Hamster got steadily grayer all year, and has now moved on to the big wheel in the sky.  Hope there’s lots of peanuts and raisins there! Also, […]

New invasive species bill

There is a new bill introduced to regulate non-native species in the House–but surprisingly little discussion seems to be happening about it.  The bill, the Non-Native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act (H.R. 6311), would prohibit the […]

Pardon me, Boy…

Is that your Vietnamese pot belly pig? Ok, maybe it’s a stretch for the Chatanooga ChooChoo reference. But I was sort of humming it all day today, so thought I would work it into this […]