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Bad Beetle Karma

I realized after my interview last weekend that I had never actually covered Japanese Beetle Bags on my blog!  That omission must be remedied! I’m sure you’ve seen them–they are for sale all over.   The […]

Wired, Pheromones, and Conspiracies

Wired has a very nice article on the controversy over the use of LBAM pheromone in an urban area in California, in which they do an excellent job balancing both science and public reaction. From […]

I Get Letters…

An amusing letter arrived earlier this week: Hello, My name is Margot and I’m the webmaster of http://www.best-pheromones.com. I wanted to know if you could do a paid UNBIASED review of our product/site.  Please let […]

More crazy anti-pheromone shit

The Crazy, it Burns. You might remember me mentioning a dust-up over pheromone spraying in California a couple of weeks ago. Now the spray date has been advanced, and even more paranoia has set in: […]

Mating Disruption, Pheromones, and Paranoia

Yesterday, I posted a new episode in the “Ask an Entomologist” series. My regular readers (we’re up to 8!) were probably thinking “Gosh, why is Bug-girl writing this long post? Isn’t she hugely overworked at […]

Ask an Entomologist: Sex Pheromones and mating disruption

As tiny animals that live widely dispersed, finding a partner of the proper sex and species to reproduce with is a problem for insects. How do they arrange a hook up? Insects have solved that […]