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It’s too damn hot to blog

So how about another pretty photo?  It’s the time of the year for dog-day cicadas to sing, so this beautiful photo from French Guiana seems appropriate. It’s a biodiversity hot spot in South America I […]

The Corpse Flower bloomed

I am off at SkepchickCon this weekend, so how about a photo? I was really excited to have a chance to see this in person–I had heard about corpse flowers for years, but didn’t have […]

I got nothin’

I have so many things that I want to write about– Entomophagy suddenly is hot! The middle east is revolting! The GOP is really, REALLY revolting! And about all I have time to offer is […]

I don’t do Thursdays

Swamped–and identifying with this great horned owl. I need more coffee. (and thanks to furgots, for the loan of her photo.)

And now for something completely different

Sorry to be a downer lately…I’m realizing that I have to go look for a job soon, and it’s rather a bummer. How about a pretty picture?  Ursja has uploaded more beautiful beetle photos! OMGSHINY!!

Weekend Pretty Picture

Still behind at work, so how about you marvel at this great shot of a dragonfly by daveograve: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.“ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Pretty Picture Tuesday

And also Wednesday…Things are insanely busy at work. How about a pretty Buprestid beetle instead of actual content? Thanks to ursja for the use of this lovely photo!

Insect leaf mimics

Another busy day, so how about some more pretty photos? A collection of animal camouflage. Can you spot the mimic? An amazing collection of insect crypsis, including some videos. Enjoy!

Pretty Picture Thursday

Still tired and have too much work. Also, My attempt at an April Fools Post didn’t sucker as many people as I hoped. Seriously, though–a Mullet Spa was just too good to pass up. Anyway, […]