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Ant Protesters!

I spent yesterday afternoon chasing mute swans around in 2 foot deep snow, on a frozen pond, in waders, with a giant net on a pole. It was not an easy task. Big props to […]

Out Sick

Ugh. Sinus Infection. Antibiotics making me sicker. How about another cute photo of a bee fly to tide you over until I am upright again? (Diptera: Bombyliidae, Bombylius major ) Thanks Maxi Millipede for the […]

Pretty picture Thursday

Too busy to write any thing substantive, so check out this amazing photo from Raju P.T. Incredible colors on this true bug!  Someday I really hope I am able to make it to Asia. Also, […]

Pretty Pollinator Friday

I am way swamped, and have had a rather stressful day, so here’s a pretty photo. Enjoy, and check out Kaycatt‘s other lovely photos.

Pretty Picture Tuesday

Found this lovely shot in Vanessa’s photo stream. This is probably the butterfly known as the “88 butterfly” for patterns on the wings. You may notice there seem to be some legs missing–This family of […]

Blog Vacation

I discovered that someone just “outed” me as the author of this blog, using my real name. I know a lot of people suspect they know who I am–but I have tried to always maintain […]

Treading Water

Busy busy busy. I’ll leave you with this lovely photo today, since I’m going to be scrambling around outside. Photo of this water strider courtesy of Pandiyan

A bit busy

This leaf insect seems to express how I’m feeling this week pretty well. (And yes, it’s only Monday!) You just get an entertaining photo for today’s post. It’s not really an eyeball in the photo; […]