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Take my insects–Please!

Ok, so as a followup on the whole copyright/flamewar/widget fiasco, I have created a new group on Flickr. It’s called: Take my Insects! Please!  I invite everyone to add photos they would like highlighted on […]

Photos, Flames, and Copyright

I got to start my Sunday morning with a really angry email: Hey Bug Girl, practice what you preach! [reference to my Digital Millennia Copyright Act notice on the sidebar]……I stumbled upon this text by […]

Pretty Picture Monday (and an argument)

I have a super busy schedule today, so how about you cruise over to Scienceray and look at their pretty photos of…insects eating each other.  This lovely robber fly is a great example. You can […]

Pretty Picture Wednesday

I am still too geeked from the inauguration to write anything (this is a pretty good description of how I feel–total emotional rollercoaster). How about a pretty photo of a moth fly? These tiny little […]

Insect collections and a new (to me) journal

Found these great collection of photos of….collections…at a blog by KolbyKirk. I especially love this photo from the NMNH website. He also introduced me to a magazine I had never heard of–called Antennae!  From their […]

Pretty Picture Friday

I’m still off at a meeting, so here’s a photo of where I am. Alas, I’m inside most of the day learning….stuff. You can find more pictures in my Photostream.

Caught in the Bug Net: 3.3.08

So many cool things on the web right now! Zooilogix has an interview with Justin Schmidt, the originator of the Schmidt pain index. Ugly Overload reports on a new species of tick spider. (it isn’t […]

Nikon Small World Photo Contest Winners, 2007

Insects and invertebrates feature prominently in this year’s contest, although regrettably, a photo of a vertebrate took top honors. Some very lovely photos, including one of an aphid’s shed skin that is magical.  The incredible […]

Adventures of Mr. Fly

A very odd photo essay from JPG Magazine: “On May 16 2007 I met Gerald Fly in my garden as I was shooting some cliché flowers. I had just bought my first cheap macro filters […]