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National Pollinator Week: TGIF

And, for a little Friday amusement, a poem that was recently posted on the Entomo-L listserver: The bee is such a busy soul, She has no time for birth control. So that is why at […]

Submit! To Hexapod Haikus

Once again, it’s time for the Hexapod Haiku Challenge from the North Carolina State University Insect Museum! They usually have entries from all around the world–will you be participating? “Haiku is a fun medium, traditionally […]

The Beespeaker

Another interesting entomological tidbit I stumbled over on the interwebs:  bee performance art in Canada! “Who Will Tell the Bees? Telling the bees is a tradition dating back to Medieval times, where a member of […]

Hexapod Haiku–the winners!

I forgot to mention the winners of the NCSU Museum Blog’s Hexapod Haiku contest have been posted! Grand Prize and runner up The winner: Two million flowers The Ten-thousand-mile harvest Sweetens my pancake. –Joel Caren, […]

hexapod haiku contest!

NCSU’s Insect Museum Blog is having a Hexapod Haiku Contest! Your haiku should be submitted by 11:59pm, 20 March 2008 (the first day of spring!). This one I particularly liked, as we are inundated with […]

Hot Midget Vampire Gerbils

I get an average of 100 spam comments a day on this blog, and sometimes they are very amusing. I don’t know if they just randomly pick words, or there’s a formula, but this title […]