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New Pollinator Conservation Resource Center!

The Xerces Society’s Pollinator Conservation Resource Center is now on-line! It has a clickable map of North America; you can find all sorts of resources indexed there.  For example, there is a Guide to Upper […]

Pollinator Week 2009: Homes for pollinators

Homebuggarden commented earlier this week: “Has anyone come across a good source of information on providing nest support for alternative pollinators such as bumblebees, digger bees, and the like?” Indeed, I have!  Xerces has an […]

National Pollinator Week 2009: Bees on the radio

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the NPR interview with Steve Buchmann, the international coordinator of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.  You might remember Buchmann as one of the authors of […]

Pollinator Week 2009: Stuff for Teachers

In 2012 as part of federal budget cuts, NBII was taken offline.  I will leave this post here as a testament to the awesome resources we’ve lost. ——- Check out these Pollination Reources for teachers at the […]

Pollinator Week 2009: Food!

It’s National Pollinator Week, and here’s a neat site for you–a complete list, continuously updated, of crops of importance to humans that insects pollinate.  Pollinating animals contribute to at least one out of every three […]

National Pollinator Week 2009!

Celebrate National Pollinator Week, June 22-28, 2009! There is a nifty collection of online resources–including document templates, fact sheets, and more–online here! There are even stickers you can print on your printer. Cool!

Pollinator Action Alert: Farm Bill in Senate

I got an email recently from the Xerces Society about some senatorial action: “Please contact your Senators and ask them to sign on to a letter by Senator Boxer in support of vital research on […]

Bee Course!

The Bee Course is a workshop offered for conservation biologists, pollination ecologists and other biologists who want to gain greater knowledge of the systematics and biology of bees. From the course description: “The field of […]

Bumblebee go home!

The Australian government has rejected an application for Bombus terrestris, the large earth bumblebee, to be imported. The bees were to be used in greenhouses for pollinating tomatoes. This particular bee is considered an invasive […]