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Bees and transgenics

Following up on my earlier post about imported bumblebees escaping from their greenhouses and spreading pathogens in the native bee community, we have new research about how bees could facilitate the transport of genetically modified […]

Word of the Day: Sapromyophily

It’s Thursday of National Pollinator Week, and today let’s look at some other forgotten pollinators: flies. Specifically, carrion-fly and dung-flies that pollinate plants, a process called sapromyophily. The flowers these flies pollinate produce smells mimicking […]

Migratory Pollinators

I mentioned the book “Forgotten Pollinators” on Monday of National Pollinator Week, and I wanted to follow up on that today. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) hosts a Forgotten Pollinators Website to help focus interest […]

What crops do insects pollinate?

It’s National Pollinator Week, and here’s a neat site for you–a complete list, continuously updated, of crops of importance to humans that insects pollinate. Some of the fruits and vegetables are obviously recognizable, and remember […]

Happy Pollinator Week!

Yes, June 22nd-28th is National Pollinator Week. Animal pollinators are needed for 90% of all flowering plants, and at least a third of human food crops. We would be screwed without pollinators. The folks at […]

Bumblebees in peril

The Xerces Society has put a call out for entomologists and naturalists to help document the host ranges–and declines–of several native bumblebee species: “In the late 1990’s, bee taxonomists started to notice a decline in […]

Managing habitat for pollinators

The Xerces Society has a new (and lovely!) publication out: Pollinators in Natural Areas: A Primer on Habitat Management “This primer provides a summary of how land managers can protect and provide habitat for bees, […]

The Bee Movie: a review

So much is going on in this movie in terms of entomological nonsense, I decided to review it twice. Movie rating: Scientific accuracy rating: As a movie, and a way to kill an hour and […]

Attracting and then repelling your pollinators

A nifty article about cycad pollination by thrips in Science today, in which the pollination system of this ancient plant proves to be much more complex than expected. The plants are first attracting, and then […]