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Today’s Tuesday Photo is of an adorable little skipper butterfly, courtesy of Shubhada Nikharge.  And yes, it is taking a drink from what you think it is–bird poop.  Bird droppings have a lot of nitrogen, as […]

Not the Best Cake Ever.

CakeWrecks. Cakes gone horribly wrong. It’s like a foodie Fail Blog. Enjoy.  And can anyone translate the cake for me? [Via Neatorama] Related Post: Best. Cake. EVAR.


I discovered a new phenomenon this week–the apostrofly: “…the discovery of the apostrofly, first recorded in this column in the Guardian on September 30 2002. The apostrofly, as I noted at the time, is an […]

“Small Carnivore Enema”

Again, one of the little  “I love being a scientist” emails that I get via a listserver: “We have been conducting a civet project in Indonesia for the past few years and are now looking […]

Why I love being a biologist

Best. Email. Subject. Line. Ever. Subject: International Shipping of Feces The project I work for requires urgently to transport samples of feces of wild animals from Peru to United States for genetic studies…. The collection […]