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DDT, Junk Science, Malaria, and the attack on Rachel Carson

Some crazy claims have been made lately about Rachel Carson. How wacky are the claims? Well, this wignut says Rachel Carson is on a level with Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot. Here’s another one, who […]

Rachel Carson and Chemical News

The Editor of Chemical and Engineering News has a wonderful, balanced editorial about the attacks on Rachel Carson, written after re-reading Silent Spring. It’s what I would want to write, if I was able to […]

New York Times, DDT, and an asshole

OMG. I was thinking I had time to polish up my DDT/Malaria debunking post that I’ve been whittling at for a week now, and I see that this piece of shit has moved to #3 […]

DDT, Junk Science, and the attack on Rachel Carson

It all started with a post office. Ed noticed that a senator didn’t want to name a post office after Carson and made some wacky claims about DDT. What I didn’t realize when I read […]