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I am a gender traitor

As someone who has a long history of marching for causes, I am pretty geeked about having a black man and a white woman running as candidates for president. I also am really annoyed with […]

More racism in Michigan

Ugh. I’ve mentioned before that Michigan State University has a recognized hate group on campus. (And that we’ve had some noose incidents at WMU.) So, joy! Young Americans for Freedom is about to bring in […]

Michigan: #3 in hate crimes

I really wish I could say this surprises me: New FBI statistics showed hate crimes in Michigan — where incidents are third-highest in the nation — increased for the fourth consecutive year in 2006, rising […]

Snow and NeoNazis

We actually got our first snow last night. I began to finish up a post about mosquito control today, and then I realized that no one in the Midwest really has an urgent need to […]

Weekly WTF: Racism, students, and Facebook

You know, the ability of people to do incredibly stupid racist shit, and then say “We were just kidding!” never ceases to amaze me. This week’s exhibit comes to you via Smoking Gun: A bunch […]