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I love Rebecca

On the whole silly PZ-cracker episode: “See, at the Last Supper, Jesus handed his guests some bread and said, “This is my body,” and then handed them some wine and said, “This is my blood.” […]

Teach the Controversy

PZ highlighted a great t-shirt, but he missed the best one, which I have shown here: Why aren’t we teaching the Truth about the Scarab beetle, Khepri? “the Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle came […]

It’s God’s will that we have roaches…

Really! (wag of antennae to Pharyngula for finding this): “If this is God’s provision for us, that means He has called me to contend with roaches again. As I contemplate what that will be like, […]

Insect Sutras

Yet more fascinating stuff from Asia: “One example of Buddhism’s reverence for this sacrifice of life is a prayer service performed every September in Agui-cho, Aichi Prefecture. Held since the Heian period (which makes the […]

A halloween tale of ghouls (with a happy ending)

Seasonal–sort of–news about some ghouls. Wiki says the word originates from monsters dwelling in grave yards. There is just nothing more ghoulish than Westboro Baptist Church, and they may finally be put to rest: “Baltimore, […]

Top 5 ways to make me go berzerk

The whole Pharyngula business has made me reflect that there are a few topics that are guaranteed to make me completely go berserk. I really need to remember to just –Stay Out- of some conversation […]