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Don’t throw your DEET Away!

A lot of people have been asking me about the new DEET news. Here’s an entomologist’s opinion, breaking it down.
TL:DR your DEET still works, ignore the headlines.

How to make a giant aluminum ants’ nest

Details about that amazing aluminum nest cast photo that is making the rounds. It’s SCIENCE!

Crowd-sourcing Ant Science

Earlier this week, the internets were buzzing with a claim that Kickstarter is funding more projects than the National Endowment for the Arts.  It turns out that may not be strictly true, but it certainly […]

Jet propelled roach


A fabulous new development in louse control! I’ve written before about the problem of head lice becoming resistant to commonly used pesticides, making treatment much more difficult.  A new device received approval from the FDA […]

Bedbugs and Condoms

I’ve covered how ectoparasitic insects are cultured (and fed) before here at the Bug Blog. It gets discussed in this interesting article from NYT: “The classic bedbug strain that all newly caught bugs are compared […]

Bees, Cell phones, and BS (again)

The interwebs are all abuzz (ha!) with a new report that cellphones might be responsible for the losses in honeybee populations. Specifically, the news stories reference this paper: Ved Parkash Sharma and Neelima R. Kumar […]

Migratory Butterfly Research in Europe

I’m still super busy, so how about you visit LabLit and read about the amazing migration of the Painted Lady Butterfly.  The article is written by a researcher that is putting the butterflies into a […]