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Bedbugs and Pesticide Resistance

I discovered that bed bug evolution–specifically resistance to pesticides–was also the subject of the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center‘s podcast this month.  A FASCINATING interview with one of the grand old men of evolutionary genetics, James […]

New research on bedbug insecticide resistance

Since I mentioned bedbugs recently, I thought I would also cover this paper: Kyong Sup Yoon, Deok Ho Kwon, Joseph P. Strycharz, Craig S. Hollingsworth, Si Hyeock Lee, J. Marshall Clark (2008). Biochemical and Molecular […]

New Malaria research: insecticide cross-resistance

Several new papers in the open-access journal Malaria discuss the thorny problem of insecticide resistance. I’ll give you the paper citations, abstract summaries, and a (mostly) non-technical translation in this post. The monitoring of insecticide […]

Insects in the news #21

Coddling Moth evolves resistance to viral control An interesting story about moth resistance to a commonly used organic pest control, granulovirus. It turns out a change in a single sex-linked gene can radically decrease moth […]