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Roaches on television; heads roll

This is really not the usual Foreign policy news! Someone…please…find me this footage on YouTube! From the Guardian: “For the viewers of Turkmenistan’s popular nightly news programme, Vatan, it was another routine bulletin. But as […]

Update on Space Roaches!

You may remember that in October I reported the birth of roaches in space–now there’s an update: “VORONEZH, January 17 (RIA Novosti) – Cockroaches conceived in space onboard the Russian Foton-M bio satellite have developed […]

Roaches ARE good for something!

Biological control, in fact: ….In the summer of 2006, [Pfannenstiel] discovered a new predator that feeds on lepidopteran eggs—the Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai. This roach was observed in large numbers—up to 100 or more per […]

It’s God’s will that we have roaches…

Really! (wag of antennae to Pharyngula for finding this): “If this is God’s provision for us, that means He has called me to contend with roaches again. As I contemplate what that will be like, […]

Zombie Roaches!

Ok, not the brain-eating kind of zombie. Carl Zimmer has an update on the emerald cockroach wasp, Ampulex compressa. New research makes the story even stranger–it turns out you can get the roaches to un-zombie […]

Insects in space!

Yep, the first animal “born” in space was a cockroach!  “Though the newborn creatures already eat and drink respectively well, microgravity conditions may have had an impact on the natural darkening of their chitinous carapace, […]

Cockroaches and coffee

EDITED 5.5.09 to add: If you are looking for info about roaches IN your coffee, you want this post. ———– This story is interesting for a lot of reasons. First, it involved undergraduates in the […]