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Things I learned at the Field Museum

I got to got to the Field Museum in Chicago last week, and it was a blast! (Despite riding in a van with a woman who baby talked–*shudder*) First, we saw the Darwin Exhibit, on […]

Climate warming and beetles

A paper came out this week on climate change and the potential ability of diving beetles to deal with it: Thermal tolerance, acclimatory capacity and vulnerability to global climate change. Piero Calosi, David T. Bilton […]

Chagas disease in the blood supply

In case you missed it, NPR had a segment on the presence of Chagas’ disease in the American blood supply two weeks ago. Chagas’ disease is transmitted primarily by a true bug, Triatoma infestans, and […]

Skeptic’s Circle # 73

Hey, the latest Skeptic’s Circle is up at Holford Watch! In addition to my rantings about the Bee Movie, there are a huge number of other posts linked there about science (and non-science) gone so […]


The LA Times has an interesting robotics story today: “As the moth tracks the world around it, an electrode in its tiny brain captures faint electrical impulses that a computer translates into action. The moth, […]

The Bee Movie: a review

So much is going on in this movie in terms of entomological nonsense, I decided to review it twice. Movie rating: Scientific accuracy rating: As a movie, and a way to kill an hour and […]

Minority and Female faculty: MIA

A depressing new report came out this week about minority and female representation in the faculty ranks of the top 100 departments in 15 science and engineering disciplines. (They included social sciences in this report, […]

The Happy Hopper

I’ve been thinking about hauling records around with me ad infinitum (see earlier post), which made me think of the plant hoppers, or Fulgoroidea. Their youngsters sometimes cart around a surprising amount of wax: The […]

Should it stay or should it go?

(Apologies to The Clash for the mangling of the song title.) Today I am cleaning out my office, and deciding what I can recycle, what needs to be left for the person replacing me, and […]