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Insects in space!

Yep, the first animal “born” in space was a cockroach!  “Though the newborn creatures already eat and drink respectively well, microgravity conditions may have had an impact on the natural darkening of their chitinous carapace, […]

Creationist earmark withdrawn

Good news! I mentioned last week a senator had put a little pork in the Education Bill for a right wing creationist group. The amendment was withdrawn! “Speaking on the Senate floor on October 17, […]

Insects in amber: how they got there

A nifty bit of new research for the morning–New evidence about how insects ended up in amber: “People never understood how freshwater algae and freshwater protozoans could be incorporated in amber because amber is considered […]

Legislative Action Alert

NCSE just alerted me to a bill in congress that has an earmark for a pro-creationist group: “The United States Senate is poised to fund the development of an antievolution “science education program” in Louisiana. […]

Sense About Science

I’ve mentioned Sense about Science before–it’s a group in the UK that works to block companies and hucksters from misrepresenting themselves as “scientific” when they are just selling pseudoscience. A new initiative of theirs is […]

Ig Nobel Prizes, 2007

The Ig Nobel‘s were awarded last week (Rebecca got to go–so Jealous!), and one awardee is of special interest: “Biology – Johanna van Bronswijk of the Eindhoven University of Technology earned the Ig Nobel biology […]

Attracting and then repelling your pollinators

A nifty article about cycad pollination by thrips in Science today, in which the pollination system of this ancient plant proves to be much more complex than expected. The plants are first attracting, and then […]

Insects in the news #21

Coddling Moth evolves resistance to viral control An interesting story about moth resistance to a commonly used organic pest control, granulovirus. It turns out a change in a single sex-linked gene can radically decrease moth […]

Stable flies and West Nile virus

An interesting new study sheds some light on one of the saddest parts of the invasion of West Nile into the USA–mass death of birds. “Stable flies are the latest suspect that may be involved […]