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The female science blogger thing

I mentioned last week that The Scientist was looking for people to vote on their favorite science bloggers. It seemed that none of the 7 folks they initially asked to name favorites to kick off […]

Cockroaches and coffee

EDITED 5.5.09 to add: If you are looking for info about roaches IN your coffee, you want this post. ———– This story is interesting for a lot of reasons. First, it involved undergraduates in the […]

We’re taking our math and going home in a huff

Well, this is just silly: U.S. Says No to Next Global Test of Advanced Math, Science Students “In 1995, the United States lagged behind most of the world on a test of advanced mathematics and […]

Will the internet doom us all?

I read a very interesting book review today at the Academic Commons. “Andrew Keen insists he is neither anti-technology nor anti-progress. Yet this veteran of the dot com era begins his recent book, The Cult […]

Filarial worm genome published

Elephantiasis is one of the more terrifying filarial diseases, mostly because of the gruesome images available online. The nematode worms that cause this disease are transmitted by mosquitoes, which is one of the reasons for […]

An odd email campaign by Africa Fighting Malaria

I and a whole bunch of other bloggers were contacted this week by the Astroturf group Africa Fighting Malaria. They wanted us to know a new paper had been published about DDT: “This information was […]