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Strange Insect Art

What the…very creative use of insects and….stuff.  The prose describing the work is a bit florid, but the idea is really interesting: “Once the stuff of science fiction, today flying and crawling insects are used […]

Amazing Insect Sculptures

I cover a lot of art-insect stuff here, but this one has simply reduced me to one word: WANT. Julia Stoess apparently works at a German museum, and has perfected the art of making very […]

Giant Spider invades Liverpool

Liverpudlians, beware! Commuters arriving at Liverpool’s Lime Street station were greeted by a 50ft (15m) high mechanical spider clinging to a nearby redundant office block.  The 37-tonne beast heralds the start of a five-day piece […]

Beer Can Butterflies

Courtesy of Stonehead, I discovered this lovely artwork by Paul Villinski: An artist making butterflies out of discarded beer cans. From the artist’s statement: “A kind of conceptual unity develops between materials, process and imagery: […]

Interesting insect art

I discovered a new artist today– Christopher Conte works with old sewing machine parts to make insects and other strange new life forms.From his profile: “After earning a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art (BFA) from […]