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The horrible truth about Spiderman’s Anatomy

I was on a panel a few weeks ago discussing mutations, and what they can and cannot do.  Spider-man was one of the topics, because the sad truth is that the Comics industry has conspired […]

Can Stick Insects really mate for 1400 hours?

Warning: contains naughty engraving of a stick insect menage a trois

Bees and STDs

Solitary bees have parasites too.

News flash: beetles are not the same as women

Amazing. Under this headline: “Science still cannot explain why women sleep around” “A study published today in Science details a series of careful experiments Swedish researchers conducted on mating seed beetles (pictured). They want to […]

I Get Letters…

An amusing letter arrived earlier this week: Hello, My name is Margot and I’m the webmaster of http://www.best-pheromones.com. I wanted to know if you could do a paid UNBIASED review of our product/site.  Please let […]

Ask an Entomologist: Sex Pheromones and mating disruption

As tiny animals that live widely dispersed, finding a partner of the proper sex and species to reproduce with is a problem for insects. How do they arrange a hook up? Insects have solved that […]

Barnacle sex!

Ah, back when I was teaching Invertebrate Zoology, Barnacles were one of my favorite animals to talk about. There is just NOTHING that will excite the average college student more than sex-changing hermaphrodite pervy crustaceans […]

Green Porno: part 2

You might remember I mentioned Isabella Rossellini’s short films about insect sex earlier–here’s an interview with her discussing the films, and some short excerpts: Alas, she repeats the myth that mantids consume the head of […]

Arthropods, Sex, and HIV

No, it’s been pretty thoroughly demonstrated that insects can’t transmit HIV. However, France has a pretty astonishing ad campaign (NSFW?) that uses two Arachnids to suggest unprotected sex can be dangerous. Interestingly, the spider is […]